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As people of the 21st century who are continuously striving and bustling in our lives, we need to make some time in our day to just have our own peace of mind. Meditation is one of those processes which brings our wandering mess of mind in an organized order. Mind can be a very restless  material and it needs to have a calming ground. Meditation works as a helping hand to call its attention back to the core.


Mindfulness meditation out of the many other types of meditation has gained a lot of popularity recently. It’s rather a simple practice of fully focusing on your present, acknowledging all those present thoughts and reflecting on them with honest sincerity.

Let’s look at the few steps which can give us a clear path to practice mindfulness meditation –

Location : The first important step is to find a comfortable spot favorable to you in any way possible. It acts as a plus factor for relaxing your mind in a familiar environment for a good meditating session.

Stopwatch : Set yourself a timer ( 5-7 minutes as a beginner is good ) and pace yourself accordingly. Take your time in getting used to the process and take eventual breaks.



Awareness : Sit in a comfortable position in the chosen spot where you can stay for a longer period and feel the flow of your breathing cycle and physical feelings. Your awareness level increases with each cycle and calms your mind down.


Focus : It’s crucial to pay close attention to the thoughts that swirl inside your mind, it will often wander off but pull the focus back to the center when you realize you’re going off track. Don’t ponder about any other thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow. Just relish in ‘the now’ moment.

Routine : Developing any good habit needs daily practice for it to show results. Meditation also needs to be given a specific time of your everyday life that will rejuvenate you and help you go on with your day in a more relaxed manner.

Mindfulness meditation can be difficult to dive right in. You might even feel a little unmotivated and think it’s not your cup of tea but as you slowly pull yourself through and keep practicing for no one but yourself , you will definitely notice the change in your behavior and how stress relieving it feels.

There are different apps like Calm / Headspace to help you get a headstart and guide you with the steps. Habit of mindfulness meditation is good for both the brain and body. Don’t just get intimidated without even giving it a try.

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