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Teachers Training


Regular Courses at Happy Village

Following programs designed for teenage students to young peoples.

Teachers Training Program

Teachers play a key role in the student’s life, by way of inculcating knowledge and virtues to enable the students thrive in their career. In order to equip the teachers with the tools and techniques of the emotional well-being, a unique training program entitled ‘पारसस्पर्श’ is being administered by Chetana. This training program is designed to enable the teachers to gain insights into the psychological needs of their students.
Following main 4 areas under which 16 modules have developed of this training program,
– Workshops that make Teaching more effective.
– Workshops for understanding child.
– Workshops for Effective Classroom Management.
– Teacher(self) Development workshops.

Positive Parenting Program

The principal beneficiaries of this program are parents

Triple P program is specifically designedto be directed towards those parents who would like to put in conscious efforts in implementing their novel parenting style.

In the contemporary world of fast changing belief systems, the traditional method of parenting has to be substituted with the positive parenting Approch.

We have done 4 positive parenting programs throughout the year & reached to 978 parents


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