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Youth Camp


Regular Courses at Happy Village

Following programs designed for teenage students to young peoples.

Youth Camp :

Youth is the face, force and future of India. Awakening is a youth initiative started by Chetana Empowerment Foundation to identify, nurture and organize the young change makers to solve various social, behavioral, technological and emotional challenges around. Chetana Empowerment Foundation has undertaken the uphill task of providing platform to youth for self change for social change.
Chetana aims to help these youngsters find meaning to their lives, to bridge the gap between the various social, personal challenges around and to unleash the tremendous potential of the youth.
Chetana provides guidance, counseling, expertise and environment to inculcate self-learning and encourages youth for this action. Chetana continuously working to raise awareness on digital dependency .

According to Bit Guardian:

  • 32 percent of teens text, while 52 percent of teens talk on a smartphone while driving.
  • Even more obviously shocking is that 62 percent of teens admit using their cell phones after bedtime.
  • The addiction is that bad that 66 percent of teens confess about not being able to resist mobile despite knowing how negatively it affects their sleep.

Clearly, the challenges to distract a youth away from his/her smartphone are unparalleled. And the parents do not know a way out as they too are having a hard time dealing with the difficulties posed upon by this disobedience. So Chetana came up with the idea of designing a Youth Camp at its little heaven on earth Happy Village where the youth find a more positive and effective distraction i.e., Nature. The upcoming generation not only ad-mires nature but also is willing to give up their addiction to smartphones if they get to explore it. And it’s exactly when they were busy having an interaction with nature that they were taught by expert faculties the virtues that they really ought to learn, but aren’t able to because of their addiction to gadgets, especially smartphones. So, topics like the following were pierced into their mind in a very keen and persuasive manner.

1) How to streamline your career?

2) The importance of commitment in a relationship.

3) Understanding addiction and how to be free from it?

4) Filtering out the wrong emotions.


  1. To boost their Inner strength and self-confidence.
  2. To provide opportunity to the youth to know about themselves, society, environment.
  3. It is the place to discover yourself, and find your life mission. Life mission: What does it mean? Do I need to have one? how do I identify it.
  4. To introduce the youth to burning social problems and the possible solutions.
  5. It is a pursuit of leading a meaningful life.


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