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I am a student of class 11th std. Since my childhood I was in Ashram school due to my poor condition. I hardly experience mother’s love in my childhood. In Ashram school, the strength of the students is more compare to their facilities. We have inadequate beds. There was a bullying. Due to that slowly my behavior became aggressive. I wanted to take revenge. Many people around me started complaining about my behavior. It was developed more frustration in me. Then I took counseling sessions from Chetana’s Counselor.  From these sessions, I got tools. And step by step I learned about my emotions also know how to handle aggression? I am being more self-aware than ever before. Today I am feeling so nice to share with you that my relations with peers became more better. My concentration in studies has much improved. I feel confident. Counseling therapy really helped me. Such therapy services are really important for the students like me, who can’t afford.

Arjun U


I am a ZP Teacher. I had a relationship issue with my husband for two years. It was lot of emotional abuse. I tried all possible ways, but my conflict did not resolve. I started going in to depression six month back. My health was becoming more fragile.

One of my friends suggested me to seek counseling help, which I never tried in my life. I thought someone will know my personal issues, what would they think. I had big stigma to share such personal thing with someone. But one day there was a webinar on mental health conducted by Chetana empowerment foundation. I felt relived after attended that webinar. I got some tools from that webinar. I gathered my courage and called them for help. They arranged my personal sessions and slowly I started regaining my powers to fight the situation.

Thank you for all help. This help is really a blessing for rural people.

Savita V


I remember the day when I lost my all hopes in relationship. I came on the conclusion to get divorce. My wife broke my trust. I couldn’t let go my thoughts that how can somebody broke my heart whom I love so much. I felt very depressive and hopeless. Not interested to perform any activities. But one fine day our employer arranged a group session called employee wellness program. I deeply started thinking that before taking any decision I should talk to the Chetana’s counselor. As session finished, I talked in person. Counselor listen my problem with so much patience and I realized first time after a year that there is someone who can help me to resolve my issue. Chetana ignited hopes in me. Me and my wife took around 5 sessions with them. In relationship counseling we got many tools to build trust. I learned to let go and forgive.  I also learned mindfulness to overcome my past feelings.Today I am happy with my 8-year-old daughter and my wife.



Frankly, I was atheist before entering Happy Village, because, I had a strong faith in ‘Science without God.’ But gradually, after starting meditation and practicing it for half an hour every day at Meditation Hall in Happy Village, the scientific truth about myself and Supreme was revealed to me. I owe 83% in 12th Science to the support extended by Chetana Empowerment Foundation which madeit possible to get coaching from very established coaching center in Aurangabad. Currently, I am studying Civil Engineering at Government Engineering College, Aurangabad. And I am confident to face challenges that comes across my path with patience.          



Studying in DFC, Aurangabad was dream that came true. If ‘Chetana Empowerment Foundation’ wasn’t working for kids like me, my dream wouldn’t transformed into reality. Undoubtedly, I owe my NEET’s 333 marks that led my selection at BHMS by DFC’s ‘savant’ teacher’s.But, even more than that, I owe my success to Mitali Tai, Vivek Sir and atmosphere they’ve managed to build up at Happy Village. ‘Meditation’ was totally new to me. But with discipline & traits over there, it became possible. Even today I do meditation and is able to reap its benefit in BHMS college and aimed to top AITT  examination.          


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