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Everyone Learns from Mistakes, why?

Ask one hundred humans you meet this week which scenarios spurred their largest growth in life? Maximum of the stories that you hear will fall under the umbrella of “mistakes.” And the larger the mistake, the larger the learning will be received in long-term. Also, doesn’t matter how rich or poor that person standing in front of you is, mistakes would definitely have made him/her learn. So what is so special about mistakes?


1) Mistakes propel us to learn

They say that: There isn’t any failure in existence, all that exists are learnings. Mistakes knock us off our inflexible axis, liberating us from the illusion that the way in which we were doings this were best as well as the only way. And although we of know about this intellectually, our mistakes help us absorbing this fact very quickly. We land in an area of teachability, wherein we’re even more receptive to new perspectives. On a very basic note, it creates acceptance.

2) Mistakes makes us even more passionate

You know it for a fact that a junk food binge won’t assist you in enhancement of your fitness or lose weight. But stressing or abusing yourself over it won’t help either. In such situations, use the opportunity to detach from the choices, provide compassion, and take a nonjudgmental but keen observation that sets your chain in motion. So, ask yourself the following question:

• What did you want, which you weren’t getting?

• What one amongst: patience, self-care, sleep/rest, solitude, and activity had been low?

• How can you take even more care of yourself?

Remember that a little bit of kindness helps in traveling long ladders of success happily.

3) Mistakes help us be free from fears and take positive risks

When we worry about getting a positive outcome, we energize it with our attention. At instances, our thoughts may even compulsively get bound to it. So, we should grow to be so entranced with attempting desperately to tread our thresholds that we turn out to be falling properly in. And when it’s done. Having hit up against what we’ve feared the most, there’s a positive relief. The largest challenge doesn’t lie in attempting to interrupt down the psychic door, instead it’s right beside you on your couch. And suddenly, it doesn’t look like one of these disaster to stay with. Neither is it our first choice, nor a catastrophic thing to stress about. There’s a positive fearlessness that comes with “failure”—as in more than one failures, time and time and time again. It’s one way in which elite athletes absolutely construct resilience and hone discipline. Because the more fearless we are, the less inhibited we are, and this opens up predominant possibilities.

The Conclusion

Mistakes remind us of all the efforts that we put in. So, in case even after putting in all the efforts you do not succeed, analyse! And after analysing, learn to use the teachings that you get from your analysis. The more you’d use it, and connect it in every situation, the lesser mistakes you’d start making. But that’s all easier said than done.



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