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Digital Wellbeing should be the topmost priority in 2022

5 reasons why improving your digital wellbeing should be the topmost priority in 2022

Health experts and researchers use ‘digital well-being’ to measure human-technology interaction. With extra capabilities and inclusion for intellectual and bodily fitness, digital wellbeing is framed to raise the manner of living and promote proactiveness or strength into an individual’s life. Technology’s relation with human beings has expanded over the years. They made it handy for the Gen-Z to infuse a higher way of life and compatibility into their routines. Comprehensive healthcare answers are a need for a variant and contemporary-day workforce. Digital wellbeing makes it viable for each person to experience a higher standard of living. Moreover, tweaking usual fitness and health permits employees to control health hand-in-hand with work. But to gain complete understanding of digital wellbeing, it’s necessary to know the cons of digitization.

Top 4 cons of digitization:

  • Digital platforms are very addictive.
  • They reduce our engagement with people.
  • Social media addiction can lead to health problems.
  • All the digital technologies face hacking threat.

Now that you are familiar with digital wellbeing and cons of digitization. Let’s see go through the top 5 reasons why improving your digital wellbeing should be the topmost priority in 2022.

1) More dependency on the digital world

According to the Digital Global Overall Report 2022 published by We Are Social and Hootsuite, Global Internet Users have increased to 4.95 billion at the start of 2022. This clearly indicates how mankind is getting more and more dependent on the digital world as opposed to the physical world.

2) Increased funding to digital transformation

Based on a survey of 1200 mid to large scale US tech companies, the spending on digital transformation is predicted to reach $1.78 trillion in 2022. The more money investment on digital transformation, the more probabilities of addictive social media platforms such as MetaVerse.

3) Surge in creating customized content

Omnichannel permits businesses to offer a centralized experience across all the channels and touchpoints. We are seeing this happen currently with us. Platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter and a lot more are feeding their algorithms every now and then with the data that we like to ensure we stay on them. In 2022, this trend will expand exponentially.

4) Decrease in physical gatherings

Because of having the accessibility to be virtually in touch with someone, we were already maintaining a physical social distance from others. But after the Covid-19 pandemic, this social distancing has accelerated at an unprecedented pace. And people are hesitant in meeting someone as opposed to talking over phone or video calls. The saved time is utilized on screen in viewing almost any type of content.

5) Attempts to influence someone are made from every possible medium

Take any kind of digital content you are consuming; it is meant to provide some or the other sort of Call To Action. It is meant to influence, provoke, engage, and interact with your brain to achieve certain sort of an outcome. This is a very manipulative way that sometimes lead to people unable to recognize their actual wish or desires.

The Conclusion

Like it generally happens after invention of any technology: we cannot reverse the course of action, only divert it to something better. And in 2022, the technology is digitization and the way we can divert it, is using Digital Wellness. That’s why it should be the topmost priority of us in 2022.



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