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January 2, 2021 at 12:00 am

Youth Camp 2021

PAINT YOUR FUTURE – It was a 3-day YOUTH CAMP held on 29th, 30thand 31st January 2021 where 80 young adults from various places participated with much excitement and enthusiasm.

Mr. Rahul Dhoot, CMD of Dhoot Transmission shared his experiences of failure and success in professional life and advised students to choose to work on things they like and guide them in the inaugural session.

Commissioner of Police Aurangabad, Dr. Nikhil Gupta gave a lecture on How to Achieve your Goal, Specific Goal and gave tips about How to overcome Distractions through cogent and impactful words.

In this 3-day YOUTH CAMP, guidance on various topics was given like – How to change your unhealthy habits? How to understand different aspects of a Relationship? How to deal with your Negative Emotions? How to Unleash your Inner Potential? How to reduce Over Thinking? Techniques of Mindfulness Meditation were taught to deal with mental and emotional issues.

Vanshi Shukla from Ahmedabad says,“ I have learned ways to handle and balance my emotions.”

Rushi says, “I will work with utmost determination to change my unhealthy habits.”

80% of youth experienced unequivocal relaxation through Meditation sessions and decided to practice it on regular basis.

With the cordial assistance of members of team CHETANA, YOUTH Camp was a great success.




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