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November 10, 2022 at 12:00 am

Use Screen Wisely


Use Screen Wisely

Chetana Empowerment Foundation and Gyanada Vidyalaya gave an excellent gift to the students on the occasion of Children’s Day:-

Students took a vow to protect themselves from screen addiction and felt beautiful in the meditation tools.

Spontaneous response from the students was received for this complete module.. Students felt beautiful in the meditation equipment, while some students said in their thoughts, due to mobile phones, there is disruption in the studies. Today we understand the side effects of our roots and we will accept outdoor games over mobile games..

Under the project Empower Child Through Living Values, Chetna Empowerment Foundation is trying to bring students from digital addiction to mental, physical and social health!

On Monday, November 14, 2022 in the morning on the occasion of Children’s Day at Gyanada Vidyalaya Pokhari Aurangabad as an essential gift for the students from Chetna Empowerment Foundation.

The Digital Wellness initiative was amazingly organized.

More than 1250 students and 30+ teachers were present on this occasion.

We all know that among teenagers, there is a rapid increase in the problems of involvement in criminal activities, addictions, violence, aggression, overuse of gadgets etc. As each generation of children gets smarter, their emotional and social skills seem to decline.

Chetana Empowerment Foundation is trying to solve the problem of declining values ​​mainly among school students (teenagers). Since 2012 we have been actively working to enrich students by imparting value education as a national priority. Value based education is the need of the hour to raise the declining educational and social standards. Keeping this objective in mind, through the program ‘Empower Child Through Living Values’ by Chetna Empowerment Foundation, the innovative drama “Smart Kon Me Ka Maja Fone” has been presented in 100 schools till date. Also more than 8500 students were created through digital wellness.

3rd Value Digital Wellness program based on Digital Deaddiction Awareness was conducted on 14/11/2022 at Gyanada Vidyalaya Pokhari. Under this program 1250 students and 30 teachers were explained about the right and wrong use of digital media.

Gayatriji Randad gave the students an experience of meditation and explained the importance of using meditation to increase concentration. Students of Akash Fulzalke and Chetna Jeevan Nirman, Vishal Shinde and Amrit Bhosle; presented a beautiful street play for symbolic de-addiction, through which the students were taught various tools and techniques along with the harmful effects of mobile phones and how to use screens in a healthy manner.

During this project, a detailed session has been organized in the school and free counselling is also going to be done to the needy students. At this time, a student said in his mind that until today my precious time was spent in playing games on mobile, today’s program inspired me, from today I will use mobile to a minimum.

Another student reflected that the experience of meditation was very beautiful, meditation instilled a kind of confidence in me, that is why I am able to speak in front of so many people today. I will henceforth focus on studying, using the mobile only when absolutely necessary!

To make this program a success, the school principal Manisha Joshi, Principal Jaiswal Madam, all the teachers, assistants etc. got special support.

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