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November 4, 2023 at 12:00 am

Selected for Prestigious Event

Chetana Empowerment Foundation Selected to Present at the World Forum for Democracy 2023 in Strasbourg, France


The Chetana Empowerment Foundation has been chosen as one of the distinguished organizations to present at the prestigious World Forum for Democracy 2023. Organized by the Council of Europe, this international event is set to take place in Strasbourg, France, on November 7, 2023, and will focus on the critical theme, “How is peace maintained in a democracy?”

For over a decade, the Council of Europe’s ‘Peace Initiative’ has brought together individuals and organizations dedicated to addressing global challenges through thoughtful discussion and collaboration. This year, out of 400+ organizations from across the globe that registered to participate, only 40 were selected for this exclusive seminar. The Chetana Empowerment Foundation from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, India, proudly represents the nation at this distinguished event.

The Chetana Empowerment Foundation has been at the forefront of various initiatives aimed at fostering mental wellness, addiction-free education, digital awareness, and comprehensive personality development for deserving and promising students over the past 11 years. Through their dedicated efforts, they have empowered over 2,02,221+ individuals through awareness programs.

One of their noteworthy programs, ‘Chetana Jeevan Nirman’ and ‘Chetana Vidya Sahayyata,’ has been instrumental in providing crucial financial assistance to 217+ underprivileged students to pursue higher education. This support has been a beacon of hope for many aspiring scholars.

Recognizing the decline in values, especially among school students, the Chetana Empowerment Foundation has been actively involved in enriching young minds with value-based education since 2012. They firmly believe that value-based education is essential to elevate declining educational and social standards.

As part of their mission to foster peace, the foundation has conducted captivating dramas based on the theme “Am I Smarter than a Smartphone…” in 249 schools through the program ‘Parivartan.’ This innovative approach has left a profound impact on the impressionable minds of 83287+ students. These efforts align with the broader goal of promoting peace and understanding in society.

The ‘Peace Initiative’ of the World Forum for Democracy, organized by the Council of Europe, has recognized the Chetana Empowerment Foundation’s exceptional work and impact. In the upcoming event in Strasbourg, France, CA Vivek Randad, President of the foundation, and Mitali Lathi, Vice President, will represent the ‘Peace Initiative.’

“It is a tremendous honor and privilege to have Chetana’s work recognized on the international stage,” stated the foundation’s leadership. The Chetana Empowerment Foundation’s selection for this event not only reflects their dedication to empowering individuals but also highlights India’s commitment to addressing global challenges.

The Chetana Empowerment Foundation extends its gratitude to the Council of Europe for this opportunity and looks forward to sharing their insights and initiatives on maintaining peace in a democracy at the World Forum for Democracy 2023.



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