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October 9, 2020 at 12:00 am

Self Empowerment

Triple E’s first module “Self Empowerment’s” three batches got finished in October. The third batch got completed on 11th October. 90 participants, participated excitingly in small groups and retreated themselves in a situation as serious as the pandemic. We are happy that the participants of the first and second batch are sharing the results that they have got after applying various tools as discussed in the module.

1) Nitin Toshniwal: For me, it was very difficult to read a book even in a year. But in the last year itself, I was able to read three books. This happened because of gaining a profound understanding of the science of Habits.

2) Rupam Ghuge: After returning from Triple E, I am able to balance my work life very nicely, I have started doing exercise and meditation for the past two months.

3) Sangeeta Gunge Patil: Even after having all the knowledge, I wasn’t able to make a routine. And that is something I am able to make as well as follow after returning back from Triple E program.

4) Mukesh Goyenka: Focusing more on meditation than before, I am following the tools used for using subconscious minds’ unlimited potential.

5) Sujata Indani: I have brought into routine, the reading & meditation after doing Triple E.

Many more participants are also sharing their self-progress on a regular basis via call. These activities have only been successful due to the inspiration of the supreme soul and the priceless contribution of the complete team of the Happy Village.



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