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August 27, 2017 at 12:00 am

“Emotional Quotient” training in school

Be it a work place or be it a school, or in family/ friends circle – Emotional Quotient (EQ) is very important.

Emotional Intelligence is an ability to understand, interpret one’s own emotions and as well as others’ and responding appropriately to them.

In the busy schedule of attending classes, tutorials, coaching classes, assignments and exams most of the students not only fail to understand others’ emotions but forget to take care of their own mental health and emotions!!

Our education has always emphasised on academic results, but is that all we need to get success in our life? Why are students performing very well in schools and called as best students not able to handle the college / peer pressure, is this something which can’t be handled or these students have never been taught about this. Emotions do affect how and what we learn. Being more aware of our emotions and reaction to it will help us manage the stress. Once we learn to understand our emotions we will be able to communicate better.

Chetana empowerment foundation and spark wellness Academy has taken this initiative to work with Adolescence (Age13 to 15) , their parents and their teachers. Whole program has designed in 10 modules. Six modules for children, 2 modules for parents, and two modules for teachers. These all modules will covered in 6 months. Agrasen Vidya Mandir is very happy to work with us for betterment of students.

Mrs. Vinita Kanhere, child psychologist and Mrs. Mitali Lathi, psychotherapist & counselor are taking this training. The training has started from the month of August 2017.



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