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September 10, 2023 at 12:00 am

Scholarship Distribution

Chetana Empowerment Foundation has provided financial assistance to 70 students in the program ‘Hauslon Ki Udaan’.

For the last 11 years, Chetna Empowerment Foundation has been providing financial assistance to the needy and aspiring students for higher education under the scheme ‘Chetana Jeevan Nirman’ and ‘Chetana Vidya Sahayada’. Sunday On September 10, 2023, Chetana Empowerment Foundation organized a program called ‘Houslon Ki Udaan’. Ma Mahendraji Kabra ( MD, RR Global.) was the chief guest in this event  Students must possess moral and social values ​​along with academic quality. This creates a better country and society. Chetana Empowerment Foundation and Hema Foundation Mumbai work to inculcate values ​​among students. Shri Mahendraji Kabra informed that it is being started in 50 schools in Sambhajinagar and Ahmedabad.

Every person has problems in his life but if he perceives opportunities and overcomes them then success in his life is achieved. With this concept, Chetana Empowerment Foundation guides the students and it is a real ‘Houslon ki Udan’. B. B. Thombre expressed. While interacting with the students on this occasion, Deputy District Officer Anjali Dhanorkar said, those who have a strong desire for education, surely find a way. He praised the work of Chetana Empowerment Foundation and wished success. Dr. Rajendraji Kamble (Director, Regional Academic Authority) assured that he will provide all kinds of government and social welfare department help without delay to fulfill the high goal of Chetana.

Also Hon. Sunil Bhokare interacted with the audience. Appreciating Chetana’s pious work, he appealed to help Chetana as possible.

Vivek Randad, President of Chetana Empowerment Foundation, informed about the ongoing social activities and welcomed all the guests in this program.

The main objective of this scheme is that there will be many students in the society, who are deprived of higher education due to economic conditions and despite their desire and ability; This scheme has been started to bring the students who are unable to study further into the stream of education. This year, 70 students have been given financial assistance of Rs. Under the project ‘Chetana Jeevan Nirman’ Chetna has taken full guardianship of 30 students from 11th standard while under Chetana Vidya Assistance 40 students have been financially assisted up to 50000 each for pursuing higher education after 12th standard. The aim is to help 150 students in the coming year. He said that he has always experienced God’s blessings for the pure resolution of the mind.

At the same time, Mithali Lathi, vice president of the organization, gave information about other important goals of the organization; We all know that among teenagers, there is a rapid increase in problems like involvement in criminal activities, addictions, violence, aggression, excessive use of gadgets etc. As each generation of children grows smarter, their emotional and social skills seem to decline. Chetana has been working on digital wellness for the last 8 years due to the increasing use of mobile phones and increasing loneliness. Through drama, many tools and techniques are taught along with how to use the screen in a healthy way. Till date 110 programs have been conducted under Digital Wellness and 60000 students have benefited. In the same program, all these students were honored with check, medal and uniform

Dnyandeep Foundation Center, Jaju Professional Academy, etc. provided valuable support for this work


The program was moderated by Gayatri Randad Mithali Lathi. In this program, Karan Shinde, Vaibhav Shirwat and Vaibhav Kharat expressed their gratitude for the help they received.

This program Mrs. Rekha Rathi, Shri. Anil Mali, Mr. Abhay Hanchanal, Shri. Sandeep Jaju, Mr. Satyanarayanaji Aggarwal, Shri. Rajkumar Tivdivala, Mr. Suresh Lahoti, CA Gopal Jaju, Shri. Gopal Ajmera, CA Nikhil Jaju, Shri. Kapil Gujarathi, Mr. Nitin Toshniwal, Mr. Ramesh Soni, Mr. Suresh Sakala, Mr. Sagar Kabra, Mr. Kamal Sarada, Mr. C. S. Soni etc., various enlightened citizens of the society, students, parents and distinguished social activists were present.

At the same time, all the workers of Chetana Foundation worked hard for the success of the program. Chetana Secretary Mr. Murali Gunge Patil thanked everyone.






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