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August 26, 2019 at 12:00 am

Re Organize Yourself

Chetana Empowerment Foundation has organized a two day camp “Re Organize Yourself” for youth.

The Soft Skills Development Program specially design for Middle level management at Chetana Happy Village Campus on 26th and 25th August in a very beautiful way. Employees from different companies participated in this residential workshop.

 A deep knowledge was delivered to all the participants through various activities on topics like “Unlock the hidden powers within you”, “Problem solving Techniques”, ” Team building” and “Time Management”.

Sushilji has shared his experienced with all the participants that he never paid attention on his personal improvement in a 22-year job.      

In this workshop I have learnt many new good things. I will use these techniques to make my life beautiful and I will definitely inform you about the changes coming in my life.  

Shubham said, how we can recognize our inner powers through meditations, and we can move forward on our own with the strength of inner power, from now onwards I will meditate every day

Mitaliji Lathi and Sagarji Kabra has guided all the participants on different subjects..

All the Chetana volunteers Aakash, Rajani, Renuka has contributed their support for making this 2 days residential workshop successful. 

All the participants have taken the benefit of trekking and meditation in the morning and evening as one of the best experiences of their life.  



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