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July 20, 2019 at 12:00 am

Re-engineer Yourself

In the 7-year journey of Chetna Empowerment Foundation, It is a very happy movement that the first 2-days residential ‘Yuva Shibir’ was organized on Saturday 20th and 21st July at Chetana Happy Village.

The first residential camp “Re-engineer Yourself” was inaugurated by Mr. Subhashji Malani, Mr. Damuana Shinde, Mr. Chandrakumarji Soni, Mr. Vivekji Randad, Mr. Nitinji Toshniwal

To inspire the youth in this Camp many honorable speakers came in which Dr. Sachin Parab, has given us a guidance on how to identify and work on our inner strengths in ‘Self discovery’.

Mr. Abhijeetji Dharmadhikari, has highlighted the important role of youth in social change from his own life experience.

Career’s key points were highlighted in the talk show, in which the industrialist Mr. Sunilji Raithatta, Mr. Ashokji Kailay Sachin Katte, Mr. Sagar Kabra has shared their life’s personal experiences with all the youths and guided them to follow their passion and work hard. Mitaliji Lathi and Sagarji Kabra has guided the youth on Relationship and social addictions.

Gayaiji Randad has delivered her experience of meditation to everyone.

All the participants have enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere and beautiful nature along with food and made a memorable stay with Chetana.

 Akash Fulzalake, Murli Gunge Patil, Kamal Sarda, Sagar Kabra, Rajani Sarda, Harshada, Lokesh, Renuka and all Education students, has given their support  in making the 2-day Shibir a great success.




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