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December 21, 2017 at 12:00 am

Successfull Parenting

Successful Parenting Seminar was organized by Chetana Empowerment Foundation.

This event took place at Tapdiya Natya Gruh, Aurangabad on 16th December 2017.

700 parents attended the seminar.

It was jointly conducted by Vinita Kanhere (Child Psychologist) and Mitali Lathi (Psychotherapist and Counselor).

Vinita Kanhere primarily focused on addressing the problems faced by the children such as aggression, social media addiction and the lack of concentration in studies.

She provided them with the tools and techniques to overcome these issues.

She shared her personal life experience of raising her differently abled child which was highly inspiring to the audience and their feedback was excellent.

Mitali Lathi guided the parents on the part of balancing their emotions while nurturing their children.

She described the process by which the parents should take due care of themselves. This will empower them to deliver the correct inputs to their children.

Finally, she deliberated on the importance of clarity of the goals in the life of the parents. The more the parents are clear about their own purpose in the life, the more they will be able to direct their children towards the precise objectives.



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