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February 10, 2019 at 12:00 am


Chetana Empowerment Foundation had organized a 1 day training programme for 50 Teachers of Tirupati Shikshan Sansatha on 10th Feb. 2019 at Chetana Happy Village.
The chairman of the Sansatha shri Rajeshjee Jadhav and Ms. Alkajee Jadhav also attended the programme to encourage the teachers. The workshop was in 3 sessions. In this workshop Various topics line how to reduce the stress, understanding student pcychology in depth It is very necessary for teachers to understand the student pcychology and then change their behavior also. There was many interactive sessions in which teachers learnt classroom management, knowledge delivery, method of meditation, All teachers enjoyed the training very much. One teacher said, “ 21 years of teaching experience. I had thought that there was no need for any training. But today I have realized that one must coaching the process of learning hill one’s last breath. I realized this in wonderful workshop and now I will make positive changes in my teaching also”. All participants appreciated the workshop and also appreciated the lunch which was organized for them by the happy village stop.
They expressed desire to attend future workshop by the Chetana Empowerment Foundation.



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