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August 15, 2018 at 12:00 am Usmanabad

‘Happiness Forever’ at Usmanabad

On the Tuesday, 15th August 2018, Maheshwari Mahila Mandal, Usmanabad organised a 3 hour duration seminar on the topic of ‘Happiness Forever’. An audience of around 240 people had gathered to attend this session.
During this session, Mitaliji illustrated in details about the following aspects,
A) Our happiness is dependent on the various situations unfolding in our life,
B) We carry different belief systems about the concept of happiness, and
C) Happiness is the state of our mind and an approach to achieve this state, irrespective of the impact of the external influences.
A summary of the numerous researches being conducted in the field of happiness was also presented for the benefit of the attendees.
Alongwith this, as per the wish of some of the spectators, an information on the topic of ‘Happy Parenting’ was provided by narrating the importance of happier life leading to successful parenting. The deliberation for happy parenting lasted for 40 minutes which included the discussion on the prevailing belief systems of a healthy parenthood.
Lastly, a question answers session was held which went along very well with the audience.
Subsequently, several positive feedbacks of the session were received from the audience wherein several people have expressed that in future a whole day programme be held on the allied topics of happiness.



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