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February 1, 2022 at 10:00 am Aurangabad

Digital Wellness

Students spontaneously respond to the Digital Wellness initiative …

Empower Child Through Living Values Under This Project

On Tuesday, February 1, 2022, in the morning, after a long gap of lockdown on behalf of Chetana Empowerment, offline digital wellness services were again started in schools.

We all know that the increase in problems such as participating in criminal activities, addictions, violence, aggression, excessive use of gadgets, etc., among adolescents is increasing rapidly. While every generation of children is starting to get smarter, their emotional and social skills seem to be falling apart.

The Chetana Empowerment Foundation is primarily attempting to address the problem that decreases values among school students (adolescents). We have been actively working to enrich students with value education as a national priority since 2012. Value-based education is the need of the hour to raise the declining academic and social standards.

Keeping this objective in front of this, Chetana Empowerment Foundation organized ‘Empower Child Through Living Values’ this program was organized by Zilla Parishad Ladsawangi and Jagdamba High School, Naigwan Aurangabad, etc. School organized a workshop on 10 different values in which the workshop on 2 values such as Cooperation, Responsibilities was completed.

On 01/02/2022, the program of Digital Deaddiction Awareness based on 3rd Price Digital Wellness was concluded at Zilla Parishad Ladsawangi and Jagdamba High School, Naigwan Aurangabad. Under this program, 750+ students and teachers were made aware of the correct and wrong use of digital media.

Gayatriji Randad made the students experience meditation and explained the importance of how meditation is beneficial to increase concentration. Through this drama, how to use the screen in a healthier way, as well as many tools and techniques were taught. During this project, the needy students will also be counseled in the coming time.

Akash Fulzalke and Nikhil Salunke, presented a very beautiful drama on Digital Deaddiction, through this drama, the students were made aware of the ill effects of mobile.

At this time, a student said in his mind, “Till today, I have spent a lot of valuable time playing games on mobile, I have been inspired by today’s program, I will at least use mobile from today.

Another student said in his mind that the experience of meditation was very beautiful, meditation made me aware of a kind of confidence, due to this, I was able to speak in front of so many people today.

This program was a special collaboration of the teachers, headmasters, etc. of the schools.



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