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May 5, 2022 at 10:00 am Aurangabad

Child Camp 2022

‘Child Summer Camp’ concluded at Chetna Happy Village!


The four-day (from 28 April to 1 May 2022) ‘Child Summer Camp’ organized by Chetna Empowerment Foundation concluded with great enthusiasm.

Like every year, this year’s first “Child Camp’ was organized at Chetna Happy Village which is located close to the city and in the lap of nature. About 88 children in the age group of 9-15 years participated in this camp.

During the four days of the camp, the children enjoyed a lot by participating in different activities and learned new things as well. From getting up early in the morning to going to bed at night, all the routines were fixed. Despite this, these children participated in all the activities with great enthusiasm and they never looked tired. Because in this camp special attention was given to the mental empowerment of the children as well as their diet.

Many children have never been away from their parents and home. But as soon as they entered the camp, they were filled with renewed vigour.  It was a unique experience for them to be a part of all this.

In these four-day camps, they had to wake up early in the morning to go for trekking in the mountains, later indulging in Zumba and aerobics by Dr Vrushali Patange, a physiotherapist at MGM Hospital and her team. Due to which new energy comes in them and they become refreshed.

During the day they had to attend sessions on various subjects. Such as Career Counseling by Prof. Govind Kabra and Prof. Yogesh Falafel of ‘DHC’ Classes, Art of Public Speaking by Prof. Kadam, Head of ‘Ion Vertex’, Dance and Music by Choreographer Lokesh Kumawat, Art and Craft by Mahendra Khajekar and Akash Phooljalke, Etcetera.

In the evening, field games and activities based on many values ​​​​of life values ​​were given by the Bharatiya Sevak Sangh and after all this ‘Dhyana Sadhana’ (meditation) was given by Psychologist Gayatri Madam. Children’s art qualities should come out openly and they should be appreciated, so ‘Cultural Program’ was also organized in which all the children participated and showed their skills.

Various topics like how to learn from mistakes in ‘Connect with Your Inner Voice’ session conducted by CA Vivek Randad and how to use smart phone smartly by Mithali Lathi discussed various topics and how to use them wisely.

Along with all this, these children got an opportunity to listen to their experiences and interact with them through their own age, TV Icon and Singer Master Saksham Sonawane and Gold Medallist in Gymnastics Champion Radha Soni.

A special ‘parenthood session’ was also organized for the parents of the children on the last day of the camp. In which parents said that, this session was going to open their eyes. Mithali Lathi (Psychologists) discussed many aspects of positive parenting.

Everyone experienced the positive emotions of Happy Village. This camp was completed with the co-operation of the entire CEF team, 44 volunteers, and well-wishers.

Some feedback received from parents.

  1. “Chetna Team, thank you so much for this camp. From value education to adventure all the activities were meticulously planned. The personal touch and concern for each child was beyond words. Also the parenting session was great. Thank you very much Mithali ma’am, Gayatri ma’am, Vivek sir and everyone in the team especially the volunteers.”
  2. “Thanks to the Chetna Foundation team for organizing this camp, the kids enjoyed a lot and learned new things too. A lot of efforts made by the team to arrange this camp were successful.
  3. “Many thanks to the Chetna team for arranging this nice and healthy camp. My daughter had a lot of fun so she came with her friends a second time and was looking forward to joining. The meditation session was great. Your team has put in a lot of effort. Loved the healthy environment, the food and even the safety and cleanliness.”
  1. “Thank you to the entire Chetna team for conducting this camp. Children enjoyed a lot and learned a lot. Thank you Mithali for the parenting session, you have explained very well.”










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