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September 14, 2019 at 12:00 am

Digital De-addiction

On the occasion of National Language Hindi Day Chetana Empowerment Foundation has organized Digital De-addiction Awareness program on 14-09-2019. The use of 8th Devial Digital Drama was completed in a very creative way.  This program was held in Rajshree Shahu Vidhyalaya, 740 students and all the teachers of 5th to 10th class have participated in this program.

Anita, the Student of 8th class has shared in her opinion that till now we were hearing the word addiction as Alcohol and Tobacco, but today we came to know about the digital screen is also becoming an addiction. All the day, even my friends are spending their valuable time on mobile. 

Now a days the apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp are becoming their friends. But the fact is we should not waste our time on these apps. We should concentrate on our studies and enjoy a good life. 

Shubham, the student of class 10th says, the use of meditation is very beneficial. With the help of meditation, we can make our life beautiful and we can remove all the negative thoughts of our life. 




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