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March 14, 2019 at 12:00 am

De-Addiction Training

De-Addiction Training

The contemporary modern human civilization is passing through an extra ordinarily stressful period on account of the several challenges emerging in our day to day lives. Addiction is one such challenge. Large number of students, employed youth and mature citizens have been enslaved through various forms of addiction. In order to make the educational institutes ‘tobacco-free’, the Chetana Empowerment Foundation has taken up the work of generating public awareness by performing street plays at these institutions. It has conducted the program “One step towards de-addiction” at various schools, colleges and industrial units. One such program was organized today at Osborn industry, Waluj Aurangabad in association with the Salaam Mumbai Foundation. The performers from the Venkatesh High School enacted the street play. More than 85 workers viewed this street play showcasing the ill-effects of the substance addiction. The workers received the message about the rise in domestic disputes, disagreements and ruined lives of the youth in the aftermath of addiction. The workers were also provided counselling on the techniques to seek relief from the substance addiction by fostering determination and practicing meditation. This program concluded with a joint pledge undertaken by the workers to protect themselves and their loved ones from the hazards of addiction.
This task of generating public awareness is on-going since last six years, as a result of which more than 65000 people have received the moral lesson of addiction free lifestyle in the schools, slum areas and industrial units.

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