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August 16, 2022 at 12:00 am

Chetana Jeevan Nirman


It is a proud moment for Chetana that Karan Shinde, a student of Chetana Jeevan Nirman, has cleared his CA Foundation exam.
At the age of seven, nature took away the support of the father and facing difficult situations, both Karan and Rahul have been in the brother Chetana family for the last 3 years. Rahul has also passed both his CS and CA foundation exams.
While dreaming, both have the passion to work hard to fulfill them. Along with this, the mother of both these children is also giving her services in Happy Village.
Along with children, many needy women are also being empowered.
Happy Village is able to fill some color in their lives with its positive atmosphere, it is a matter of great happiness for this courtyard.
Today, in this courtyard, the work of giving new direction to the lives of 35 children is going on.
With all of you, it is a dream to prepare such a strong youth wealth country in the future, who are free from youth addictions, living a life of value and taking responsibility for their family and society.
Thank you



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