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January 29, 2023 at 11:00 am

Decade Celebration


Chetana Empowerment Foundation’s Decade Celebration at Chetana Happy Village concluded with excitement…


On the occasion of 10 years of work of Chetana Empowerment Foundation, Aurangabad, a friendly meeting and work observation program of office bearers, doctors, industrialists and businessmen working in the social sector was organized on 29 January 2023 at Chetana Happy Village.

Chetana Empowerment Foundation adopts talented, promising students from needy families and helps them pursue higher education. And at the same time consciousness takes responsibility for their food, housing and education. All these students are from rural areas, sugarcane workers, hardworking class.

So far 3 of these students have completed MBBS and one of them is preparing for MS Surgery. 35 students have completed engineering and are working in their field and 7 students are doing engineering while 3 students have passed CA foundation foundation and are studying next year. On this occasion, students like Akash Fulzalke, Rahul Shinde, Tushar Babje etc. gave their feedback.

As part of the campaign to prevent the misuse of mobile phones, the campaign is implemented in different schools, colleges, social organizations, public sector. In this campaign, public awareness work has been done to 30,000 students through 54 schools till date through drama, group therapy, personal counselling. Till date the work of the organization has reached 1,50,000 people. In value added education, Zilla Parishad students are taught values ​​like how to build self-confidence, how to set goals in life, how to treat everyone with respect and humility. Also, how to live a happy and peaceful life is being taught. This activity is implemented in 10 schools of Aurangabad taluka from last June – 2022. Apart from this, programs like ‘Life Management Workshop’ and ‘Self-Empowerment’, ‘Meditation’ are continuously run in Chetana Happy Village every year.

On this occasion, Mr. Vivek Randad, president of the organization, reviewed the work, while Mithali Lathi, vice president of the organization, highlighted the side effects of mobile and the changing lifestyle.

The program was attended by former Aurangabad MLAs Kalyanji Kale, Gyanprakashji Modani, Satyanarayanji Lahoti, CA Mukesh Hundiwala, Jugalkishoreji Lohia, Rajesh Sarkate, BS Rajpal of Manjit Cotton, Shivshankar Swamy of the Federation of Traders, Laxminarayan Rathi, Ajay Shah, Jagganath Kale, Agarwal Sabha President Satya Narayanji Agarwal, CA Gopal Jaju, CA Gopal Kast, Mahavir Patani of Lions Group and other office bearers, SR Baheti of Doctors Group were present. At this time the guide of the organization Rajendra Bang, C. S. Soni, CA. Gopikishan Randad, Rameshchandra Soni, Rupesh Sarda etc. were felicitated.

Modaniji, who is a senior social worker and lives on Gandhian ideas, expressed that the scenic environment in Happy Village as well as the various social activities going on here gave him a new perspective to live.

All those present expressed their intention to cooperate with the work of the organization. At the end of the program, the students of the institute presented a patriotic song, while the coordination was done by Gayatri Randad of the institute and the secretary of the institute Mr. Murli Gunge Patil gave a vote of thanks.



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