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June 2, 2019 at 12:00 am

हौसलों की उड़ान

On 2nd June 2019 Chetana Empowerment Foundation has inaugurated the Students Residential Building and also launched a new Helpline Number called “Paramarsh” (‘परामर्श’) at Chetana Happy Village by Shri Ram Bhogaleji, Shri Prashantji Bamb, Ashokji Kale and CA Vivekji Randad President of CEF.

Chetana Empowerment Foundation is working in the following areas:

1 “मंथन”(Mental Wellness),  2. “परीवर्तन”(De-addiction) and  3.”पहचान”(Help for Higher Education). Mitali Lathi has given the introduction for “मंथन”(Mental Wellness), Gayatri Randad and Sagar Kabra has introduced “परीवर्तन”(De-addiction) and Akash Fulzalake has shared the details of “पहचान”(Help for Higher Education).

Our Counseling Team has introduced the new Helpline Number “Paramarsh” (‘परामर्श’). This Helpline will serve as a helping hand for those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression.

Chetana’s president CA. Vivek Randad has delivered the entire journey of Chetana Happy Village so far. Chetana will work as a LIGHT-HOUSE for every person in 11 talukas, maximum TEACHERS TRAININGS  will be organized for the overall personality development of the students as well as the concept of creating a guide to guide the all students in the community.

Shri Ram Bhogaleji, and Shri Prashantji Bomb has appreciated Chetana’s Social Empowerment work for well being of the society and endeavor their good wishes.

Mr. Rajendra Bang has give the vote of thanks and Mitali Lathi has hosted the entire program.

The event was successfully completed with the help of entire Chetana Team.






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